Nama Level Drop
Purple Evil Cat 85 Whale Falchion, Hi QualityWhale Falchion, Sourun Falchion, Glyph Shield, Hi QualityGlyph Shield, Poseidon Eye, Saint Helmet, Hi QualitySaint Helmet, St.Guardian Helmet, Perfect Ruby, BlueberryShark Hunter Robo
Thorny Tail Cat 85 Crusader's Necklace, Hi QualityCrusader's Necklace, 7 Sea Amulet, Wind Armor, Hi QualityWind Armor, Tempest Armor, Saint Gauntlet, Hi QualitySaint Gauntlet, St.Guardian Gauntlet, Insight Hat, Hi QualityInsight Hat, Scholar Hat, Perfect Zircon, Vanguard Blade, Hi QualityVanguard Blade
LilacTreeSpirit 87 Mark Bow, Hi QualityMark Bow, Hermes Bow, Insight Boots, Hi QualityInsight Boots, Scholar Shoes, Wind Helmet, Hi QualityWind Helmet, Tempest Helmet, Perfect Topaz, RedSeabed War-Horse
Blue Tree Spirit 87 Rage Lance, Hi QualityRage Lance, Poseidon Trident, Coral Illusion Cloak, Hi QualityCoral Illusion Cloak, Blue Azure Wing, Wind Gauntlet, Hi QualityWind Gauntlet, Tempest Glove, Perfect Emerald, RushJellyfish Robo
Pinky Sheep 89 Life Source Staff, Hi QualityLife Source Staff, Raiden Staff, Saint Armor, Hi QualitySaint Armor, St.Guardian Armor, Insight Glove, Hi QualityInsight Glove, Scholar Gloves, Saint Boots, Hi QualitySaint Boots, St.Guardian Boots, Perfect Sapphire, ,
VioletHarpSheep 89 Demon Hammer, Hi QualityDemon Hammer, Ares Hammer, Insight Robe, Hi QualityInsight Robe, Scholar Robe, Wind Boots, Hi QualityWind Boots, Tempest Boots, Perfect Garnet, Plump tootClear Wallrus
Witch Apprentice 92 Dark Sword, Hi QualityDark Sword, Cursed Sword, Savage Boots, Hi QualitySavage Boots, Dragoon Boots, Rune Topaz, AdvWScroll:Dark Sword, AdvAScroll:Savage Boots, ,
Crystal Envoy 92 Moon Star Ring, Hi QualityMoon Star Ring, Crystal of Dyu, Shifa Gloves, Hi QualityShifa Gloves, Canonic Gloves, Rune Emerald, AdCrScroll:Moon Star Ring, AdvSwScroll:Shifa Gloves
Green Dwarf 95 Shifa Hat, Hi QualityShifa Hat, Canonic Hat, Jungle Arms, Hi QualityJungle Arms, Conqueror Gloves, Jungle Boots, Hi QualityJungle Boots, Conqueror Boots, Rune Sapphire, AdvSwScroll:Shifa Hat, AdvAScroll:Jungle Arms, AdvAScroll:Jungle Boots, ,
Orange Dwarf 95 Butterfly Trident, Hi QualityButterfly Trident, Luin Trident, Savage Bracelet, Hi QualitySavage Bracelet, Dragoon Arm, Shifa Shoes, Hi QualityShifa Shoes, Canonic Shoes, Rune Topaz, AdvWScroll:Butterfly Trident, AdvAScroll:Savage Bracelet, AdvSwScroll:Shifa Shoes, ,
Tree Guardian 95 Venom Bow, Hi QualityVenom Bow, Hades's Doom, Amazed Law Shoes, Hi QualityAmazed Law Shoes, Jester Shoes, Rune Ruby, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Giant Fruit, Magical Demon Fruit, Tropical Fruit Bowl
Demon Reaper 97 Emperor's Roar, Hi QualityEmperor's Roar, Theseus's Axe, Life Source Shield, Hi QualityLife Source Shield, Shield of Rebirth, Rune Zircon, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Mars Fruit, Magical Hit Medicine, Jungle Bull
Axe Dwarf 100 Royal Staff, Hi QualityRoyal Staff, Athena Staff, Eagle Hat, Hi QualityEagle Hat, Icarus Hat, Rune Garnet, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Fruit, Magical Sensitive Medicine, Crystal Leopard, Greatest Hornbill
Sky Bird 96 Shadow Bow, Hi QualityShadow Bow, Atilla Stabber, Jungle Armor, Hi QualityJungle Armor, Conqueror Armor, Crustacea Shield, Hi QualityCrustacea Shield, Archadia Shield, Rune Ruby, AdvWScroll:Shadow Bow, AdvAScroll:Jungle Armor, AdvAScroll:Crustacea Shield, ,
Emerald Bird 96 Savage Helmet, Hi QualitySavage Helmet, Dragoon Helmet, Jungle Helmet, Hi QualityJungle Helmet, Conqueror Helmet, Rune Zircon, AdvAScroll:Savage Helmet, AdvAScroll:Jungle Helmet, Helldisblade, Hi QualityHelldisblade, 7Sins Edge, AdvWScroll:Helldisblade, ,
Pony Porcupine 98 Pierrot Wand, Hi QualityPierrot Wand, Angelus Wand, Savage Armor, Hi QualitySavage Armor, Dragoon Armor, Rune Emerald, AdCrScroll:Pierrot Wand, AdvAScroll:Savage Armor
Floret Porcupine 98 Black Guard Battle Axe, Hi QualityBlack Guard Battle Axe, Testing ToolFire Axe, Shifa Robe, Hi QualityShifa Robe, Canonic Gown, Fish Cloak, Hi QualityFish Cloak, Dragoon Wing, Rune Sapphire, AdvWScroll:Black Guard Battle Axe, AdvSwScroll:Shifa Robe, AdvSwScroll:Fish Cloak, ,
Red Dwarf 100 Peace Maker, Hi QualityPeace Maker, Kamael's Sword, Amazed Law Hat, Hi QualityAmazed Law Hat, Jester Hat, Rune Garnet
Blue Dwarf 100 Magical Feather Bracelet, Hi QualityMagical Feather Bracelet, Icarus's Feather Bracelet, Eagle Boots, Hi QualityEagle Boots, Icarus Boots, Rune Topaz ,
Dog Fighter 102 Eagle Breastplate, Hi QualityEagle Breastplate, Icarus Breastplate, Amazed Law Gloves, Hi QualityAmazed Law Gloves, Jester Gloves, Rune Emerald
Dog Fencer 102 Seastorm, Hi QualitySeastorm, Poseidon Spear, Horned War Helmet, Hi QualityHorned War Helmet, Ares Helmet, Rune Topaz
3rdPiggy 104 Horned War Armor, Hi QualityHorned War Armor, Ares Armor, Rune Emerald, Tachi Tsurugi, Hi QualityTachi Tsurugi, Hayaku Ken
2nd Piggy 104 Amazed Law Robe, Hi QualityAmazed Law Robe, Jester Robe, Horned War Boots, Hi QualityHorned War Boots, Ares Boots, Rune Sapphire
Super Thunderdog 105 Warsheep Bow, Hi QualityWarsheep Bow, Pandemonium Bow, Green Dress, Hi QualityGreen Dress, Vulture Platemail, Broken Red Rune, AdvWScroll:Warsheep Bow, AdvAScroll:Green Dress, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Life Medicine, Magical Mars Fruit
1st Piggy 108 Black Cat Hammer, Hi QualityBlack Cat Hammer, Shocking Hammer, Magus Robe, Hi QualityMagus Robe, Noblesse Robe, Broken Orange Rune, AdvWScroll:Black Cat Hammer, AdvSwScroll:Magus Robe, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Medicine, Magical Magic Fruit, Rainbow Melon Bowl, ,
Dog Witch 110 Rose Staff, Hi QualityRose Staff, Rose of Eden, Colossus Armor, Hi QualityColossus Armor, Nephilim Vanguard, Broken Purple Rune, AdCrScroll:Rose Staff, AdvAScroll:Colossus Armor, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Giant Fruit, Magical Demon Fruit, Pelican, ,
Drosophila 105 Seastorm, Hi QualitySeastorm, Poseidon Spear, Eagle Gloves, Hi QualityEagle Gloves, Icarus Gloves, Broken Red Rune
Drosophine 105 Peace Maker, Hi QualityPeace Maker, Kamael's Sword, Horned War Gloves, Hi QualityHorned War Gloves, Ares Gloves, Broken Orange Rune
Block Gunner 107 Green Cap, Hi QualityGreen Cap, Vulture Hat, Colossus Boots, Hi QualityColossus Boots, Nephilim Boots, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Green Cap, AdvAScroll:Colossus Boots, Proton Blade, Hi QualityProton Blade, Zanpakutou, AdvWScroll:Proton Blade, ,
Block Swordman 107 Triassic Shield, Hi QualityTriassic Shield, Dragoon Shield, Magus Boots, Hi QualityMagus Boots, Noblesse Sandals, Broken Green Rune, AdvAScroll:Triassic Shield, AdvSwScroll:Magus Boost
Jade Witch 109 Sky Cloak, Hi QualitySky Cloak, White Lion Cloak, Green Boots, Hi QualityGreen Boots, Vulture Boots, Broken Blue Rune, AdvSwScroll:Sky Cloak, AdvAScroll:Green Boots
Flame Witch 109 Rainbow Necklace, Hi QualityRainbow Necklace, Holy Brooch, Magus Wrist, Hi QualityMagus Wrist, Noblesse Wrist, Broken Purple Rune, AdCrScroll:Rainbow Necklace, AdvSwScroll:Magus Wrist
Thatch Porky 111 Dragonbone Halberd, Hi QualityDragonbone Halberd, Uranus Halberd, Colossus Helmet, Hi QualityColossus Helmet, Nephilim Helmet, Green Wrist, Hi QualityGreen Wrist, Vulture Wrist, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvWScroll:Dragonbone Halberd, AdvAScroll:Colossus Helmet, AdvAScroll:Green Wrist, ,
Carpenter Porky 111 Dragon Scale Blade, Hi QualityDragon Scale Blade, Evil Dragon Pupil, Magus Cap, Hi QualityMagus Cap, Noblesse Cap, Colossus Gloves, Hi QualityColossus Gloves, Nephilim Bracer, Broken Green Rune, AdvWScroll:Dragon Scale Blade, AdvSwScroll:Magus Cap, AdvAScroll:Colossus Gloves, ,
Greedy Soul 114 Explorer Armor, Hi QualityExplorer Armor, Desert Eagle Armor, Broken Blue Rune , ,
Cocky Soul 114 Flame Dragon Armor, Hi QualityFlame Dragon Armor, Salamander Armor, Broken Yellow Rune
Psyche Tarantula 115 Deathly Axe, Hi QualityDeathly Axe, Great Lion Axe, Flame Dragon Boots, Hi QualityFlame Dragon Boots, Salamander Boots, Broken Red Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Hit Medicine, Magical Magic Medicine, Blue El Toro
Mistress Casey 118 Staff of Spring, Hi QualityStaff of Spring, Staff of the King, Flame Dragon Gloves, Hi QualityFlame Dragon Gloves, Salamander Gloves, Broken Orange Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Sensitive Medicine, Magical Giant Fruit, Sky Sabertooth
Prince Redder 120 Eros's Bow, Hi QualityEros's Bow, Aphodite's Love, Broken Purple Rune, AdvWScroll:Eros's Bow, FencingArt:Thorn Armor 5, Axe Art:Hell Armor 5, HalberdArt:Spirit Howl 5, ArcheryArt:Vampire Arrow 5, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Life Medicine, Magical Mars Fruit, Rosemary SPA Bathtub, ,
Purple Flower 115 Ghost Shoes, Hi QualityGhost Shoes, Night Terror Shoes, Broken Green Rune , ,
Pink Flower 115 Ghost Robe, Hi QualityGhost Robe, Night Terror Robe, Explorer Gloves, Hi QualityExplorer Gloves, Desert Eagle Gloves, Broken Blue Rune
Fruit Soldier 117 Abyss Spear, Hi QualityAbyss Spear, Spear of Sorrow, Ghost Hat, Hi QualityGhost Hat, Night Terror Cap, Broken Red Rune
Fruit Fork 117 Blood Thirst Blade, Hi QualityBlood Thirst Blade, Dragon Eyes Blade, Ghost Gloves, Hi QualityGhost Gloves, Night Terror Gloves, Broken Orange Rune ,
Fox Fighter 119 Fairy Brooch, Hi QualityFairy Brooch, Stardust Tears, Explorer Hat, Hi QualityExplorer Hat, Desert Eagle Hat, Broken Purple Rune
Fox Fencer 119 Water Master Shield, Hi QualityWater Master Shield, Shield of Life, Flame Dragon Helmet, Hi QualityFlame Dragon Helmet, Salamander Helmet, Broken Yellow Rune , ,
Adz Dwarf 122 Sky Law Gloves, Hi QualitySky Law Gloves, Cardinal Gloves, Broken Green Rune, AdvSwScroll:Sky Law Gloves ,
Flying Witch 122 Beetle Shield, Hi QualityBeetle Shield, Bloody Orchid Shield, Broken Blue Rune, AdvAScroll:Beetle Shield ,
Mad Berry 124 Sky Law Robe, Hi QualitySky Law Robe, Cardinal Robe, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvSwScroll:Sky Law Robe ,
Wild Berry 124 Sun Cloak, Hi QualitySun Cloak, Armagedon Cloak, Broken Green Rune, AdvSwScroll:Sun Cloak,
Fruit Mistress 125 Evil Eye Staff, Hi QualityEvil Eye Staff, Staff of Naga, AdCrScroll:Evil Eye Staff, Broken Red Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Fruit, Magical Sensitive Medicine, Magnificent Camel
Fox Witch 128 Storm Stab, Hi QualityStorm Stab, Minotaur's Labrys, AdvWScroll:Storm Axe, Ninjutsu:Break Stab V, Broken Orange Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Demon Fruit, Magical Life Medicine, Racer Ostrich, Dancing Panda Robo
Berry Warrior 130 Orc Teeth Axe, Hi QualityOrc Teeth Axe, Bloody Orc Teeth, AdvWScroll:Zanbato, Broken Purple Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Hit Medicine, Magical Magic Medicine, Frost Polar Bear
Peach Bunny 120 Sky Law Shoes, Hi QualitySky Law Shoes, Cardinal Shoes, Broken Blue Rune, AdvSwScroll:Sky Law Shoes ,
Cyan Bunny 120 Bow in Silence, Hi QualityBow in Silence, Legend Path, Explorer Boots, Hi QualityExplorer Boots, Desert Eagle Boots, Broken Red Rune
Toy Gunner 122 Dragon Boots, Hi QualityDragon Boots, Desert Rage Boots, Broken Orange Rune, AdvAScroll:Dragon Boots ,
Toy Swordman 122 Desert Snow Boots, Hi QualityDesert Snow Boots, Desert Hunter Boots, Broken Purple Rune, AdvAScroll:Desert Snow Boots, Kousoku, Hi QualityKousoku, Delirium Endless, AdvWScroll:Kousoku
Pig Worker 124 Dragon Gloves, Hi QualityDragon Gloves, Desert Rage Gloves, Broken Red Rune, AdvAScroll:Dragon Gloves ,
Pig Builder 124 Desert Snow Gloves, Hi QualityDesert Snow Gloves, Desert Hunter Gloves, Broken Orange Rune, AdvAScroll:Desert Snow Gloves ,
Fruity Soldier 127 Sky Law Crown, Hi QualitySky Law Crown, Cardinal Crown, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvSwScroll:Sky Law Crown ,
Fruity Fork 127 Nature Mark, Hi QualityNature Mark, Call of the Wild Mark, Broken Green Rune, AdCrScroll:Nature Mark ,
Wafer Butter 129 Sky Ripper, Hi QualitySky Ripper, Wing of Icarus, Broken Blue Rune, AdvWScroll:Sky Ripper, ,
WaferButterCane 129 Devil Horn, Hi QualityDevil Horn, Baphomet's Horn, Broken Purple Rune, AdvWScroll:Devil Horn ,
Prince Bluer 130 Gatling, Hi QualityGatling, Gelbart, Broken Red Rune, AdvWScroll:Gatling, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Giant Fruit, Magical Demon Fruit, Spring Blossom Robo , ,
Fallen Archaic 132 Eagle Staff, Hi QualityEagle Staff, Eagle Myth Staff, Broken Orange Rune, AdCrScroll:Eagle Staff, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Mars Fruit, Magical Hit Medicine, Purple Princess Unicorn, Flying Carp Fish
Cookie Sword 135 Rudra Bow, Hi QualityRudra Bow, Broken Purple Rune, AdvWScroll:Rudra Bow, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Fruit, Magical Sensitive Medicine, IronLord Bow, Pink Bouquet Robo
Purple Dwarf 126 Dragon Armor, Hi QualityDragon Armor, Desert Rage Armor, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Dragon Armor ,
Lollipop Dwarf 126 Desert Snow Robe, Hi QualityDesert Snow Robe, Desert Hunter Armor, Broken Green Rune, AdvAScroll:Desert Snow Robe ,
Spoon Strawberry 128 Dragon Helmet, Hi QualityDragon Helmet, Desert Rage Helmet, Broken Blue Rune, AdvAScroll:Dragon Helmet ,
Fork Strawberry 128 Desert Snow Helmet, Hi QualityDesert Snow Helmet, Desert Hunter Cap, Broken Red Rune, AdvAScroll:Desert Snow Helmet ,
Hoary Spirit 130 Holy Divine Crown, Hi QualityHoly Divine Crown, Diabolus Crown, Broken Orange Rune, AdvSwScroll:Holy Divine Hat ,
Verdant Spirit 130 Dragon Spear, Hi QualityDragon Spear, Dragon Slayer, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvWScroll:Dragonslayer ,
Earth Wizzard 132 Legion Plate Glove, Hi QualityLegion Plate Glove, Hedgehog Glove, Broken Green Rune, AdvAScroll:Legion Plate Glove ,
Hoar Wizzard 132 Holy Divine Glove, Hi QualityHoly Divine Glove, Diabolus Glove, Broken Blue Rune, AdvSwScroll:Holy Divine Glove ,
Butter Pikeman 134 Legion Plate Boots, Hi QualityLegion Plate Boots, Hedgehog Boots, Broken Purple Rune, AdvAScroll:Legion Plate Boots ,
Butter Lancer 134 Bloody Guard, Hi QualityBloody Guard, White Orchit Shield, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Angelic Guard ,
Strawberry Hero 135 Hasta Spear, Hi QualityHasta Spear, Broken Red Rune, AdvWScroll:Chuudan, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Life Medicine, Magical Mars Fruit, Angon Spear, Pink Koinobori Robo
Fruity Mistress 138 Yummy Staff, Hi QualityYummy Staff, Broken Orange Rune, AdCrScroll:Sundae Staff, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Medicine, Magical Magic Fruit, Delicious Dessert, Pinky Polar Mom
Great Butter 140 Screwdriver Gun, HiQScrewdriver Gun, Venerables Cloak, HiQVenerables Cloak, Sparrow Cap, HiQSparrow Cap, Broken Purple Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Giant Fruit, Magical Demon Fruit, Powerful Drill, Sunlight Cloak, Syntax Cap, ,
Berry Wafer 130 Otachi Blade, Hi QualityOtachi Blade, Chokuto, Broken Green Rune, AdvWScroll:Otachi Blade
Mint Wafer Cane 130 Holy Divine Robe, Hi QualityHoly Divine Robe, Diabolus Robe, Broken Blue Rune, AdvSwScroll:Holy Divine Robe ,
Choco Pikeman 132 Battle Greaves Boots, Hi QualityBattle Greaves Boots, Lionsheart Boots, Broken Red Rune, AdvAScroll:Battle Greaves Boots, Twin Blade, Hi QualityTwin Blade, Soryu Wing, AdvWScroll:Twin Blade
Choco Spearman 132 Battle Greaves Helmet, Hi QualityBattle Greaves Helmet, Lionsheart Helmet, Broken Orange Rune, AdvAScroll:Battle Greaves Helm ,
Strawberry Wafer 134 Holy Divine Shoes, Hi QualityHoly Divine Shoes, Diabolus Shoes, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvSwScroll:Holy Divine Shoes ,
Blueberry Wafer 134 Battle Greaves Glove, Hi QualityBattle Greaves Glove, Lionsheart Glove, Broken Green Rune, AdvAScroll:Battle Greaves Glove ,
Spade Soldier 136 Battle Greaves Armor, Hi QualityBattle Greaves Armor, Lionsheart Armor, Broken Blue Rune, AdvAScroll:Battle Greaves Armor ,
Heart Soldier 136 Pink Flower Cloak, Hi QualityPink Flower Cloak, Saloa Wing, Broken Purple Rune, AdvSwScroll:Holy Eater Cloack ,
Diamond Soldier 138 Legion Plate Armor, Hi QualityLegion Plate Armor, Hedgehog Armor, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Legion Plate Armor ,
Club Soldier 138 Old Lord, Hi QualityOld Lord, Jade Flower, Broken Green Rune, AdCrScroll:Old Lord
Chef Lawrence 135 Exorciser, Hi QualityExorciser, Broken Red Rune, AdvWScroll:Exorciser, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Hit Medicine, Magical Giant Fruit, Cursed Cowardice , ,
Vanilla Pikeman 138 Braveman Hammer, Hi QualityBraveman Hammer, Broken Orange Rune, AdvWScroll:Brave Huuma Crystal, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Sensitive Medicine, Magical Mars Fruit, Glorious Spike, Moonlight Unicorn
King of Heart 140 Fly Feather Sword, HiQFly Feather Sword, Sharpen Helmet, HiQSharpen Helmet, Vortex Shield, HiQVortex Shield, Broken Purple Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Medicine, Magical Magic Fruit, Blazing Angela Sword, Explode Helmet, Nebula Shield, ,
Fat Thief 136 Legion Plate Helmet, Hi QualityLegion Plate Helmet, Hedgehog Helmet, Broken Blue Rune, AdvAScroll:Legion Plate Helmet ,
Cute Fatty 138 Light Destination, Hi QualityLight Destination, Broken Red Rune, AdCrScroll:Light Destination, Dama Necklace ,
Club Pike 138 Thorn Spin Boots, Hi QualityThorn Spin Boots, Broken Orange Rune, AdvAScroll:Thorn Spin Glove, Butterfly Boots ,
Diamond Pike 140 Ripper Boots, Hi QualityRipper Boots, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Ripper Glove, Fire Destroy Boots ,
Heart Pike 140 Dipper God Cloak, Hi QualityDipper God Cloak, Thorn Spin Glove, Hi QualityThorn Spin Glove, Broken Green Rune, AdvSwScroll:Dipper God Cloack, AdvAScroll:Thorn Spin Glove, Lionsheart Cloak, Butterfly Glove
Spade Pike 142 Magistrate Glove, Hi QualityMagistrate Glove, Broken Blue Rune, AdvSwScroll:Magistrate Glove, Peacock Glove ,
Chef Dominique 143 Ripper Glove, Hi QualityRipper Glove, Broken Purple Rune, AdvAScroll:Ripper Glove, Fire Destroy Glove ,
Berry Cream Pike 144 Thorn Spin Helmet, Hi QualityThorn Spin Helmet, Broken Red Rune, AdvAScroll:Thorn Spin Helmet, Butterfly Helmet ,
Toy Sniper 144 Magistrate Shoes, Hi QualityMagistrate Shoes, Broken Orange Rune, AdvSwScroll:Magistrate Shoes, Shinken, Hi QualityShinken, Tsubaken, Peacock Shoes, AdvWScroll:Shinken
Clubs Priest 145 Ripper Helmet, Hi QualityRipper Helmet, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Ripper Helmet, Fire Destroy Helmet ,
Prince Yeller 145 Magistrate Hat, Hi QualityMagistrate Hat, Broken Green Rune, AdvSwScroll:Magistrate Hat, Peacock Hat ,
BerryButterPike 146 Thorn Spin Armor, Hi QualityThorn Spin Armor, Broken Blue Rune, AdvAScroll:Thorn Spin Armor, Butterfly Armor ,
Diamond Priest 146 Golden Shell Shield, Hi QualityGolden Shell Shield, Broken Purple Rune, AdvAScroll:Phenombrith, StairwaySouL ,
Heart Priest 148 Ripper Armor, Hi QualityRipper Armor, Broken Yellow Rune, AdvAScroll:Ripper Armor, Fire Destroy Armor ,
Spades Priest 148 Magistrate Robe, Hi QualityMagistrate Robe, Broken Green Rune, AdvSwScroll:Magistrate Robe, Special Dessert, Peacock Robe
Frutty Guard 150 Sparrow Boots, HiQSparrow Boots, Sharpen Gloves, HiQSharpen Gloves, Broken Blue Rune, Special Dessert, Falling Feather, , Special Evil Spirit, Syntax Boots, Explode Gloves
Blueberry Hero 150 Pneumatic Gloves, HiQPneumatic Gloves, Jade Crystal Pearl, HiQJade Crystal Pearl, Broken Yellow Rune, Special Dessert, Mountain Shell Gloves
King of Spade 151 Axe Of Hurricane, HiQAxe Of Hurricane, Sparrow Robe, HiQSparrow Robe, Pneumatic Boots, HiQPneumatic Boots, Broken Red Rune, , Magical Demon Fruit, Magical Life Medicine, Wind Inferior Roar, Syntax Robe, Mountain Shell Boots, ,
Jinnx 151 Night Walker Bow, HiQNight Walker Bow, Pneumatic Clothes, HiQPneumatic Clothes, Sharpen Boots, HiQSharpen Boots, Broken Orange Rune, , Magical Hit Medicine, Magical Magic Medicine, Soul Flying Wing, Mountain Shell Light Armor, Explode Boots, ,
Frutty Guardian 155 Shadow Butterfly Magic Wand, HiQShadow Butterfly Magic Wand, Sharpen Armor, HiQSharpen Armor, Sparrow Bangle, HiQSparrow Bangle, Pneumatic Hood, , Broken Purple Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Sensitive Medicine, Magical Giant Fruit, Flower Angela Staff, Explode Armor, Syntax Bangle
Urd 160 10000 Surprise Arrow, HiQ10000 Surprise Arrow, Core Boots, HiQCore Boots, Pledge Boots, HiQPledge Boots, Line Boots, , Penetrate Edge, HiQPenetrate Edge, Broken Red Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Mars Fruit, Magical Sensitive Medicine,
Belldandy 160 Dark Spider Tooth, HiQDark Spider Tooth, Mental Chaos Sharp Tooth, HiQMental Chaos Sharp Tooth, Core Gloves, HiQCore Gloves, Pledge Gloves, , Line Gloves, HiQLine Gloves, Broken Orange Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Magic Fruit, Magical Life Medicine,
Skuld 162 Dragon Roar Giant Hammer, HiQDragon Roar Giant Hammer, Core Helmet, HiQCore Helmet, Pledge Cap, HiQPledge Cap, Line Cap, , Wing Cloak, HiQWing Cloak, Broken Purple Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Demon Fruit, Magical Magic Medicine,
Hel 165 Six Wing Magic Wand, HiQSix Wing Magic Wand, Core Armor, HiQCore Armor, Pledge Robe, HiQPledge Robe, Line Armor, , Spiral Eye, HiQSpiral Eye, Broken Purple Rune, Strengthening Mallet, Magical Hit Medicine, Magical Giant Fruit,